Jiří Lábus & Emil Viklický

Czech – Canadian Jazz Duo and Raymond Carver: Why don’t you dance?

May 24th 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm

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Czechoslovak Society for Arts and Sciences Presents Two Events:

Czech – Canadian Jazz Duo

Kent Sangster (saxophone) and Emil Viklický (piano)

May 24, 2017, 8:30 pm
University of Alberta Faculty Club
11435 Saskatchewan Dr, Edmonton
Admission $20 (students $10)
E-mail: tickets@svu-edmonton.org


Raymond Carver: Why Don’t You Dance?

Performed (in Czech) by Jiří Lábus, accompanied by Emil Viklický

May 24, 2017, 6:00 pm
University of Alberta Faculty Club
Admission by donation
11435 Saskatchewan Dr, Edmonton

Svätá omša: 23. apríla o 18:00, St. Anthony Church

Dobrý deň,
dovolujem si Vás pozvať na sv. omšu, ktorú budú slúžiť p. Tomas z Toronta a p. Liška v nedelu 23. Aprila v St. Anthony Church na Whyte Ave o 6. hodine večer.

S. Andel

10661 82 Ave NW,
Edmonton, AB

Volejbal 2016 / 2017

Zoznam telocvicni na sezonu 2016 / 2017. Kto ma chut si zahrat volejbal, nech sa ukaze a nech privedie aj ratolesti.

St Elizabeth Seton Elem.-Jr. High School 16-Jun-17 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Prezentacia o Slovenskej ciganskej hudbe


Prezentacia o Slovenskej ciganskej hudbe sa bude konat v Idylwylde komunitnej hale (8631-81 street, pri Bonnie Doon centre) dna 07-Feb-2017. Zaciatok je o 19:00. Sucastou prezentacie je aj male obcerstevnie (keksy, sladkosti, kava, caj) o 18:45. Parkovanie je zadarmo okolo komunitneho strediska, pri hokejom ihrisku.

Kedy: Utorok, 7. Februara o 19:00

Kde: Idylwylde Community Hall (8631-81 street)


The Gypsies or Roma migrated from India about a millennium ago. Due to the complex cultural, social, and historical circumstances they have been shunned and disliked throughout Europe, although they were appreciated as gifted musicians. Since the early Middle Ages, Bohemia, and especially Slovakia, had a significant Romani population. The edict of the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, the king of Hungary, Bohemia (and Slovakia), encouraged further migration of Gypsies into Western Europe. The Slovak and Hungarian folk music has been significantly influenced by Roma music. The Roma have been influential also in the folk music of other nations, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Spain. Many composers of the Western classical music admired Gypsy musicianship and drew ideas from Gypsy music – Liszt, Brahms, Lehár, Kálmán, Dvo!ák, Janá”ek, Bartók, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Manuel de Falla, and others.

This presentation will introduce the troubled history and the bewildering culture and customs of the Roma, especially as they pertain to Slovakia and former Czechoslovakia. However, the focus will be on Gypsy music, which is the cultural heritage of Roma. What are the key elements and secrets of Gypsy music? What makes it so irresistible and charming? Illustrations, musical excerpts and video samples and will be provided.

Drawing on the paper “Slovak Gypsy Songs, Translation and Performance”, (given at the 14th St. Jerome Translation Conference, University of Alberta, 30-Sept-2016), a few Slovak Gypsy songs (guitar & singing) will be presented, illustrating the underlying linguistic, cultural and musical issues.

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