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Face to Face: Works on Paper From Slovakia

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Juraj Toman & Peter Valiska-Timecko

Juraj Toman & Peter Valiska-Timecko

An exhibition of doctoral students and instructors from the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica

Face to Face: Works on Paper From Slovakia is a collaboration between Department of Art and Design, University of Alberta, Edmonton (Canada) and Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica. This exhibition brings to Edmonton the work of 18 individual artists (8 instructors and 10 doctoral students) with a common interest in a particularly open aesthetic that incorporates ethical, social and political questioning. In these works on paper (paintings, drawings, prints, digital photos) we see a range and variety of topics as well as a plurality of artistic approaches and practices.

This exhibition illustrates the range of subjects that are of interest to contemporary Slovakian artists – reflections of various aspects of everyday reality, focusing on social, political and cultural problems with a further focus on identity, body, gender issues, and personal relationships; these artist are also attracted by the phenomenon of power, as well as by the infiltration of mass media and mass culture into everyday life.

Face to Face: Works on Paper From Slovakia was organized by Dr. Peter Ondruš, PhD., (Exhibition Facilitator, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, Edmonton) and Dr. Katarína Rusnáková, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Art History and Theory, Faculty of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica, (Curator of the exhibition, Slovakia)

Financial support for this exhibition was provided by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the University of Alberta’s Wirth institute for Austrian and Central European Studies.

Exhibition Date: June 17 – July 12, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 19 (7:00 – 10:00 pm)

Where: Fine Arts Building (FAB)

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